High Capacity, Performance and Reliability to Meet the Most Demanding Business Needs

Get the most storage bang for your IT buck. ReadyNAS 4360X offers unmatched performance, capacity and reliability storage solution to the SMB. Unlimited snapshots, anti-virus, encryption, block level multi-site backup and recovery, RAID 50 and RAID 60 for enhanced performance and multi-point fault tolerance. In short, ReadyNAS 4360X is the critical component in your data storage, protection and business continuity strategy.

5 Layers of File Protection

  • Your valuable files, databases and even virtual images have never been safer

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Easily Move Business Data Offsite

  • Replicating data between ReadyNAS devices is free, private and managed through the cloud

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Cloud Storage for the Office

  • Your own private cloud means the end of monthly fees and unnecessary risks

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5 Layers of File Protection

  • Automatic RAID protects against disk failure
  • Exclusive snapshot technology for point in time file recovery
  • Real-time anti-virus software protects against viruses and malware
  • Bit rot protection defends against media degradation
  • Free cloud backup for your most important files

Easily Move Data Offsite

Whether a business wants to mirror information between two data high-powered data centers or a school district is looking to consolidate individual school data to a central office, replication technology is the key. ReadyNAS Replicate is a powerful and easy-to-use disaster recovery solution designed for business of any size.

Cloud Storage for the Office

Accessing data anytime, anywhere and from any connected device is fast becoming the standard in modern computing. Unfortunately, there are serious privacy risks associated with storing valuable business data on public cloud servers. With ReadyNAS and the ReadyCLOUD access platform, creating a safe and inexpensive private cloud for your business is now a reality.

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Model Description
  • ReadyNAS 716x 6-Bay, Diskless
Datasheet (PDF)
  • Intel® Xeon Ivy Bridge E3-1265Lv2 2.5GHz (3.5GHz Turbo) Quad Core
  • 16GB ECC
Number of Bays
  • 6
Recommended Max. Concurrent Users
  • 100 - 500+
Included Storage
  • None
Disk Type
  • Diskless
Drive Types Supported
  • SATA/SSD 2.5” or 3.5”
Hot Swappable Drives
  • Yes
Tool-less 3.5” Disk Installation
  • Yes
eSATA Expansion Ports
  • 3
Maximum Capacity /with optional EDA500 unit(s)
  • 36TB/96TB
Gigabit LAN Ports
  • 2
10Gbps LAN Ports
  • 2
USB Ports
  • One (1) USB 2.0, Two (2) USB 3.0
Power Supply
  • Internal 200W; input 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
BTU at Full Power Supply Utilization
  • 173W
Power Consumption: Operation
  • 96W
Power Consumption (Wake on LAN)
  • 800mW
Power Consumption: Power Off
  • 420mW
Chassis Warranty*
  • 5 year next-business day replacement, 90-day complimentary technical support
2-Line LCD Display
  • Yes
Touch Screen Navigation
  • Yes
Fan (mm)
  • 120
Dimensions DxWxH (mm)
  • 287.5 x 192 x 259
Weight (kg)
  • 7.97
ProSupport Service Packs Available
  • 700 Series
OnCall 24x7
  • 1 year: PMB0313
  • 3-year: PMB0333
  • 5-year: PMB0353


File Sharing

These days, running a successful business often depends on successful file sharing—application data, virtual images, client files, email, all the digital files that make your business go. With ReadyNAS you finally have an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralizing, securing, and sharing those critical assets. Fasters processors mean more simultaneous users can access unified storage—across PC, Mac and Linux environments. Full Dropbox integration makes it easier than ever to sync your important files, photos or videos across all of your web-connected devices.


Unlimited snapshots give you complete control over the past, present, and future of your data. This enterprise-class feature copies any point of time in the file system, can be manually or automatically scheduled, and can restore any version with a simple click. Other data protection innovations for disk-based storage like Real Time Anti-Virus and Encryption bring new confidence to the integrity of your data and back-ups.



Disaster Recovery

The custom-built ReadyNAS OS protects stored data with automatic RAID configuration, the continuous security of Unlimited Snapshots, and easy to manage Cloud Replication. By maintaining multiple copies of vital data through cloud replication, it makes it easy for you to move data off-site to protect against natural disasters and theft.


With Unlimited Snapshots, thin provisioning, and improved iSCSI support, ReadyNAS delivers a virtualization platform with next generation features at an affordable price.


ReadyNAS Expansion Chassis 5-Bay, Diskless

  • Compatible with RN300 series and RN500 series
  • 5-bay expansion chassis
  • Supports both SATA and SSD
  • Connects through eSATA cable (included)

Embedded Applications

  • Replicate

  • Time Machine Backup

  • ReadyDLNA

  • ReadyCLOUD

  • DropBox

  • ReadyNAS Vault

  • iTunes

  • Tivo

  • Anti-Virus

  • Remote

  • Photos

  • Surveillance

Downloadable Applications

Available from the ReadyNAS GUI

  • Plex Media Server

  • Egnyte

  • Transmission

  • MySQL

  • Piwigo

  • Couch Potato

  • Transmission

  • Subversion

  • PHP5

  • ownCloud

  • HTOP

  • BitTorrent Sync

  • Memeo C1

  • And many, many more…

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